PBS' "Frontline" has obtained screenshots of Wikileaks whistleblower Bradley Manning's Facebook page. "Why is government-funded PBS promoting the words of this traitor?" is a question that will probably be asked on Fox News soon, but guess what? The Facebook page actually makes Manning seem pretty annoying, in a "friend-whose-updates-you-hide-on-Newsfeed" way. But they also help to humanize him, just a bit, and anyway he's in prison while we're in an office, so we don't want to be mean.

What can we learn about Bradley Manning from Facebook? Let's take a look!

He liked Billy Mays:


He used to work at Starbucks:

He's a fan of gay rights:

And would post about them a lot:

He likes "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" jokes:

His status updates could be sort of emo:

Oh, and he would overshare relationship drama:

Would you be Bradley Manning's friend on Facebook? Or would you hide him from your Newsfeed?

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