B.C. First Nations culture now has a trademark of its own after the Authentic Aboriginal brand was launched in Vancouver yesterday to help tourists determine which cultural productions are real and which are knockoffs.

Created by the Aboriginal Tourism Association of B.C. (AtBC), the brand will mark all products, art and tourist spots with a logo, signifying its cultural authenticity.

To date, only five businesses utilize the brand, and no artists or artwork are involved yet, meaning Olympic visitors will be on their own when trying to buy authentic First Nations products.

Keith Henry, chief executive officer for AtBC, said the goal is to get artists to use the logo on their work, but it won’t be implemented in time for the Olympics.

“This was really about announcing and not competing with stuff that’s happening with the Olympics,” Henry explained.

Linnea Battel, co-chair of AtBC, said the goal is to make sure people get the real aboriginal experience when they visit the province.

“We’re branding our businesses, so eventually you can pick up a piece of art and see that brand, and know it’s not made in China.”

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