Along with the relaxing facials, pedicures and massages, patrons at Remedy Spa on Granville Street in Halifax can get something els: a very dry martini or maybe a nice Pinot Noir.

Remedy is the first spa in downtown Halifax with its own liquor licence, adding a whole new dimension to relaxation, according to co-owner Chris Saunderson.

“We offer a lot of unique services, like our self-serve facial bar.

“Our clients come in and tell us their skin care goals, then we show them how to do their own facials.”

The spa experience is a great way to take a break during a busy holiday shopping trip or at any time of the year, says Jocelyn Melanson of Spirit Spa on Salter Street.

It’s also great pickup after a tough day on the job.

“During the holidays, a lot of people are going straight from work to their office Christmas party,” says Melanson.

“We offer a holiday hair-and-makeup special where customers can come in and have one of our senior stylists redo their hair and makeup into an evening look.”

In addition to being pampered downtown, you can also get in shape and experience some culture.

Stott Pilates, near the Halifax waterfront, offers a contemporary approach to the popular exercise method, with modern equipment and methods.

Moksha Yoga on Dresden Row uses a unique “hot yoga” system that works the muscles, detoxifies the body and calms the mind.

For a more conventional workout, Goodlife Fitness has three downtown locations: co-ed clubs at Park Lane and Scotia Square malls and a women’s-only facility at Park Victoria.

Once the shopping, pampering and exercising is done, you can reward yourself with live theatre at Neptune Theatre on Argyle Street.

This holiday season, all enjoy the The Wizard of Oz on the Fountain Hall main stage until Jan. 9, as the classic Frank Baum story comes to life.