RIO DE JANEIRO (Reuters) - Brazil's government will organize a roadshow abroad to attract investors to its power sector, and might consider offering power delivery contracts denominated in dollars to facilitate attraction of foreign capital, Luiz Barroso, head of state-run power research company EPE, said on Wednesday.


"The fact is that there is a lot of money available on European investment funds ... That money flows to countries who offer dollar-denominated receivables," Barroso told reporters while attending a power conference in Rio.


"Since the long-term currency risk is difficult to manage, it is an idea to be discussed," he added.


Barroso cited this month's large Chilean power auction, where bidders, mostly from Europe, were awarded dollar-denominated power delivery contracts.


Financing has been a critical factor for power companies in Brazil, as the worst recession in generations squeezes available credit.


Although recognizing Chile's economy is much more linked to the dollar compared with Brazil, Barroso said a discussion regarding this possibility should take place.

The EPE head said, nevertheless, that the government plans to lure foreign investors by showing business opportunities in Brazil even with current regulations.

Brazil plans to hold several auctions in the coming months for power generation and power transmission.

(Reporting by Luciano Costa; Writing by Marcelo Teixeira)