Nova Scotia’s Justice Department is reviewing its security policies after a 16-year-old female allegedly hid a knife in her genitals then tried to use it in the attack of a 22-year-old woman inside the Halifax provincial courthouse Tuesday afternoon.

“We understand that she got through the metal detections (at the courthouse) because she had placed the knife in her vagina,” said the department of justice’s Christine Mosher, who is the executive director, court services division, responsible for sheriff services. The knife was reportedly a fold-up model with a five-inch blade.

Mosher noted the “standard operating procedures permit pat searches only, not body cavity searches” for people coming into the courthouses, although they do have the authority to restrict access “if it comes to that.”

Mosher also said communication was sent out to provincial sheriffs yesterday advising them of what happened at the Spring Garden Road location.

“We’re conferring with our counterparts across Canada to determine whether they’ve had a similar incident — what they did or whether their policies would cover such an incident,” Mosher explained. “That would be to a view of mending our policies.”

Halifax Regional Police say the alleged attack was between two parties visiting the courthouse and it took place around the building’s staircase, believed to be on the second floor. CBC reported last night the incident happened after 18-year-old Brandon Hatcher was arraigned on attempted murder charges stemming from a shooting in Spryfield Monday morning.

By the time officers arrived just after 4 p.m., police say bystanders inside intervened and prevented the victim from being stabbed.

“She wasn’t hurt at all,” said police spokesman Const. Brian Palmeter.

The youth was taken into custody by sheriffs and turned over to police. Police say the victim isn’t co-operating. The 16-year-old female from Upper Tantallon is facing charges of attempted murder, uttering threats and various weapon-related offences.

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