Photos by Enza Supermodel


Breakfast Television fan Laura Mowers meets up with her two favourite hosts, Kevin Frankish, left, and Frank Ferragine, right, at the BT audience appreciation day at the CityTv parking lot.

Amanda Di Marco, 12, gets an autograph from host Jennifer Valentyne, right, at the BT audience appreciation day.

Street Health development manager Amanda Robertson, left, and executive director Laura Cowan at Street Health’s 20th anniversary summer barbeque at All Saints Church. Catch their fundraising night Sept. 12 at the Roundhouse;

Lawyers Bruce Walker and Joanne Cohen host a summer soiree for community leaders and politicians at Gooderham House.

Body Shop founder Dame Anita Roddick, centre, CTV anchor Kate Wheeler, right, and Kathryn Babcock of the Canadian Women’s Foundation launch Daisy Soap Campaign in support of victims of domestic violence.

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