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Tommy, if you can hear me, you can move to Indiana now.A 60-year ban on pinball has been lifted.

A judge in Louisiana threw out an order from the governor aimed at protecting LGBT rights.

Bill Cosby’s lawyer called the fallen TV dad’s accusersa “bandwagon” of women, but the prosecutors want the women ofthe wagon to be heard.


Amazon dropped its first drone delivery and released a video showing the process.

Unicorns might not bereal (please be real!), but this unicorn hot chocolatesure is!

In the spirit of giving, someone dropped awinning lottery ticketin a Salvation Army kettle.

Lamar Odom might have divorced Khloe Kardashian, but he didn’t divorcebeing a reality TV star.

Mary is gone, and Joseph does not want to be a single dad. Nativity scene owners arelooking for their missing virgin.

Moms around the world are working to make sure young girls are comfortable with their bodies and removing the stigma from breastfeeding. Now,little girls can play breastfeeding Barbie-style.

As the 20-year anniversary of her murder approaches, new DNA tests are set in the JonBenet Ramsey case.

To show solidarity with those suffering in Aleppo, theEiffel Tower went dark.

How do dictators have fun? Kim Jong-il hung out with Dennis Rodman. Kim Jong-un gets lit and punishes his military’s leaders until they cry,according to this report.

Folks in Massachusetts are cool with a monastery in their neighborhood, but not if thosemonks are brewing the devil’s suds.

The Obama administration is makingone last attempt to protect Planned Parenthood.

Just because she’s 86 doesn’t meansthis jewel thiefis retiring from her life of crime.

Sick of seeing a certain someone's face? A Google Chrome extension willreplace Donald Trump with adorable cats.

The Trump Organizationannounced that it pulled out of a Rio hotelventure, but won’t say if the decision is tied to a criminal investigation that opened last month.

Metro US went live! Do you say “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays?”

What were our picks for thebest films of 2016?

The Second Avenue subway line is going to open in New York (someday), butjust what color is the T line?

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