Out of five for nutrition and taste — Black Cherry Frozen Yogourt


Breyers is making it easier to indulge this summer, with their new selection of Double Churned ice-creams that are smooth, creamy and have less fat than their original flavours. They teamed up with Longo’s Fruit Markets to distribute these healthier dessert options.

“The ice-cream is lower in fat and still tastes great because of the double churning,” says nutritionist Sandra Saville, adding that the churning (mixing) is what makes the ice cream so smooth.

Breyers Double Churned Natural Vanilla is a sumptuous dessert that has all of the taste of the regular vanilla but with a richer consistency. It’s sinful with only 130 calories per 125 ml serving and seven grams of fat. Breyers Double Churned Light Chocolate has 40 per cent less fat than its original and only 110 calories.

Frozen yogurt has also become a staple in Breyers list of desserts. The new line of Smart Scoop frozen desserts, pair fruit and low fat yogurt together with Double Strawberry, Vanilla and Black Cherry flavours. These low-fat selections are good alternatives to the richer ice creams and are tasty, with only 120 to 130 calories and 2.5 grams.

So go ahead, take a second scoop!