Mario Verrilli, owner of Onaré Salon in Mississauga, has been styling hair for bridal parties for the past 13 years. His number one piece of advice to bridesmaids is to keep it simple and natural. Here are the biggest mistakes he sees:

  • A hairstyle that looks as if it’s trying too hard, such as a structured, coiffed up-do. Try soft curls or waves.

  • Styling all the young women’s hair the same to match a theme. Instead, try similar hair jewelry or fresh flowers.

  • Ignoring the weather. For hot humid days, pin hair loosely off the face. If it’s windy, pin it into a natural-looking chignon.

  • Trying something new. This is not the day to experiment with colour or cut.

  • An inflexible bride. “The unhappiest scenarios I’ve witnessed are those where the bride dictates everything — the girls are not going to have as much fun,” he says. “Bridesmaids should have the final say in how they look.”

  • When it comes to faces, “classic and beautiful is what you want for your wedding party,” says veteran makeup artist Jackie Gideon.

  • One of her suggestions is to avoid heavy nightclub-type makeup. Also, dark lip liner with a pale mouth can look too theatrical for a wedding.

  • If you go to a retail counter to get your makeup done because it is cheap or free, look at the makeup on the woman behind the counter, she says. “If it’s fresh, that’s what she will do. If she looks scary — that’s pretty much what you’re going to get.”

  • The other thing to consider is the different types of lighting and atmosphere the bridal party will encounter in one day: Daylight, candlelight, harsh camera lights.

“I suggest skin-flattering palettes like warm roses, corals, sweet pinks and peaches for blushes and lipsticks,” she says. “These colours are flattering to all skin tones and ethnicities. They can be deepened or diluted, depending on the person’s own natural skin tone.”