Rocco Rossi says he is in support of a fixed link to the island airport, whether it is a pedestrian tunnel built below Lake Ontario or an above-water bridge that would be accessible to cars.

“Like my Toronto tunnel proposal … I believe a bridge or tunnel to the island airport would create jobs and economic growth in the city,” Rossi said in a statement.

“The island airport is a huge asset to the people of Toronto and a Rossi city hall will support its success, not hinder it.”

Both the port authority and Porter Airlines — the main tenant at the airport — are in favour of a pedestrian tunnel, an idea Rossi has come out in support of since early this year.

But if for some reason that plan does not go through, Rossi would not oppose a bridge, whether it would be pedestrian or car.

The estimated cost for the 120-metre pedestrian tunnel is pegged at $45 million. In the 2003 election, Mayor David Miller made killing plans to build a bridge to the island airport central to his campaign.