With the Christmas season upon us, now is the time to decide if you are naughty or nice.

As the title suggests, Taboo The Naughty But Nice Sex Show, held this weekend at the Northlands Agricom, was the place to do it. The event, which is traditionally the hub of leather, leopard prints and lace, has been steadily growing in terms of attendance and programming.

“By the time we do all the calculations we will have close to 25,000 (in attendance),” says Tara Connors, one of the event organizers.

“We are finding we are getting a lot more diversity in our exhibitors, and then, in addition, we’re getting more entertainment and that kind of thing to draw in and keep the people around longer,” explains Connors.

Capital City Burlesque is one of the new entertainment features. The six-year-old company, founded by Kim Rackel and Donna Ball, performed burlesque dances wearing colourful costumes.

“It’s been a blast, we’ve met tons of people and lots of people have come up to us and said how much they love our show and it’s people that wouldn’t normally see us either, so its been great,” said Donna Ball.

Patrons have noticed the growing number of exhibits as well.

“When we first came here there wasn’t that many (exhibits), that was six years ago, so it’s definitely grown,” said patron Shantelle Anderson, visiting for her fourth time.

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