Owner screams in delight at funky, urban makeover

In ALL our time as global bad taste busting superheroes, we have NEVER seen a house so visually out of step with its occupants than this week’s bungalow, a home shared by über-glamorous couple Kyla and Charles.

Both outgoing and bubbly (she, gorgeous beyond belief like a fourth member of Destiny’s Child, and he, possessed of the handsome looks of a college boy sports hero) we could hardly believe they were living in a home that had all the allure of a fall-out shelter during the London Blitz. Barren to the power of 10 and boasting some of the most terrifying furniture imaginable, we had a seriously big job putting it all right.

And the worst offender? The living room; utterly devoid of personality, it was like a perverse portal back to the ’80s, featuring an oversized pleather sofa, an ominous black plastic wall unit (with precisely NOTHING inside!) and a hideous panther shaped table that terrified our entire team!


But back to Kyla and Charles.

She’s a realtor and he’s a drywall installer so we were surprised to note they’d made so little of their home. Truth of the matter, however, is because they’d been working so hard in their respective careers, they simply hadn’t found time to feather their own nest. Which is where we came in …

Armed with a budget of $50,000, we knocked a dreary galley kitchen into the hallway to make a much more workable space and, dramatic as it sounds, we played black cabinetry with mustard coloured work surfaces. Next, we further “connected” the kitchen to the living room by choosing a combo of ebony crested and mustard crested wallpaper, each of which we applied on different zones.

Oh, and because we had a spare thousand dollars in our budget, we installed a wall of brick “slips” (genuine bricks but only a third as thick) floor to ceiling as our main accent zone. Painted matte black, they provided a serious “city slicker” feel, which helped further anchor our high impact new look.

Kyla and Charles, while generally patient as our transformation endured, remained somewhat worried that our vision for their home might not match their own.

However, our biggest pledge on Home Heist is that we always LISTEN to contributors and, in doing so, create relevant abodes, rather than simply railroad people into spaces that are not remotely personal.

And so, with the aforementioned promise in mind, we’re delighted to report that, during our reveal, Kyla’s screams of delight were heard in the next town.

Utterly flabbergasted, she and Charles now have a home that looks incredibly relevant to their funky, urban, 20-something lifestyle.

Indeed, a lovely home for a lovely Canadian couple. And some serious bling into the bargain!

divine tips

  • Avoid differently patterned wallpapers in one room, although it can work well to use the same pattern in a complementary shade.

  • Retro furnishings can look fabulous but if you simply sling old pieces (from different decorating decades) together, without careful planning, it can be disastrous.

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