Indycar Racer Ryan Briscoe is not only excited to be racing in Edmonton this summer, but also to soon be driving a new car after IndyCar officials unveiled their new 2012 car yesterday.

Showing off their new chassis built by Dallara, the new car incorporates greener technology as well a cost effective ad raceable design.

Briscoe, who watched the announcement from his California home, says that the car looks very modern, but retains some of the classical feel as well.

“I think it’s great,” says Bricoe.

“It has a different look … it has that old classic IndyCar look.”

Briscoe, who is due to race at the Honda Indy in Edmonton this summer, says he’s looking forward to his visit, and racing in Edmonton for his third time.

“It’s a great city, I really enjoy going there,” he said.

“Hopefully we’ll win the race.

“The competition will be stronger, and fitness is a key part.”

The Honda Indy will be running from July 23 until July 25.

Tickets are available from

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