Britney Spears supposedly came face-to-face with ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake earlier this week, reports.

Us Magazine claims the back-on-track pop star arrived at Yatai Asian Tapas Bar in Los Angeles with mom Lynne around 10 p.m. on Monday, little realizing that inside, former flame Timberlake was enjoying a cosy meal with his girlfriend of two years, Jessica Biel.

A source told the magazine that the eatery is “so small ... like the size of a living room,” which made the ostensible run-in all the more awkward.

“Justin and Jessica looked like they were enjoying their meal until Britney turned up,” a source told photo agency Splash News. “She didn’t see them, but they saw her and immediately looked very uncomfortable.”

“Jessica and Justin looked to be slumping down in their seats to avoid (Spears),” said a source. “She left 30 minutes later. Shortly afterward, Justin and Jessica got in their car and left.”

Britney last crossed paths with the crooner in November, when they performed separately with Madonna at the Los Angeles stop of her Sticky & Sweet tour.