For most motorists, replacing tires is an occurrence that comes around once every two or three years, depending on their annual mileage.

But for Land Rover driver Tim Townsend and his set of Avon Rangemaster tires, that hasn’t been a problem.
His Defender 90 has completed a whopping 117,000 miles (188,250 km) with the same set of rubber — the equivalent of five trips around the globe.

Townsend said he was “amazed, flabbergasted and grateful” by the performance. Living on the edge of England’s rugged Peak District, the tires have coped with snow, deep mud, shingle, rocky terrain, riverbeds and motorways during his work as a builder in Glossop, Derbyshire.

Manufacturers typically recommend tires should be replaced at least every five years, although legal tread depth limits can come sooner with high-mileage vehicles.

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