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A British court has issued a temporary order requiring a man to notify police before he has any sexual contact with any woman for any reason.

The Telegraph reported that the man must give authorities formal notification if he plans "to start a sexual relationship of any kind with a woman or two have one-off sexual activity with any woman." The order reportedly dictates that he must provide 24 hours notice before any such activity, too.

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The BBC explained that the temporary order will be in place until a formal hearing in May which "will
decide whether the interim order should be made into a full order, which has a minimum duration of two years and can last indefinitely."


In Britain, magistrates are empowered to enact and enforce "sexual risk orders" that can be applied "to any individual who the police believe poses a risk of sexual harm, even if they have never been convicted of a crime."

The Telegraph added that such orders occur when "police convince a court it is necessary for one to be made against the person to protect the public from him or her."

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