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A British woman was caught having sex in an airplane bathroom on a flight to Las Vegas last week and had to be handcuffed to her seat after she lost her temper with crew members, according to a published report.

The woman, who is in her 20s, was traveling from London with her parents on the Virgin Atlantic flight when she became friendly with a male passenger sitting next to her, according to U.K. tabloid The Sun.

The pair apparently hit it off and disappeared into the airplane bathroom together.


"They went to the bathroom, and people could hear loud noises," an unnamed passenger told the newspaper.

Crew members had to break into the lavatory, which made the woman angry.

"The cabin crew forced the door open. Then she really kicked off, screaming drunken abuse. She was shackled to her seat," the passenger said.

The woman was subsequently questioned by police but let off with just a warning, The Daily Mail reported.

A Virgin Atlantic spokesperson told The Sun, "We do not tolerate disruptive behavior onboard."

The incident came one week after an Australian man caused a hijack scare aboard a Virgin Australia flight to Bali when he tried to break into the cockpit.

It was later determined that Matt Lockley, 28, mistook the cockpit door for the bathroom. Blood tests revealed that he had taken several painkillers. He was later released by police without any charges.

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