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Britney's Back!

<p>She is reborn!</p><p>God has heard our prayers. Yes, she may not be as &quot;entertaining&quot; asshe was during her crazy days, but she's a real person and she was inreal danger of ending up like <strong>Anna Nicole Smith</strong>. NOT a good thing!</p><p><strong>Britney</strong> made her big appearance on <em>How I Met Your Mother</em> yesterday, and, something special also happened on Monday too. She got back to work!</p><p>Momma Spears was spotted at the Alleycat Recording Studio in Hollywood.</p><p>Now that she's seeing her kids again and her dad has helped her getbetter, Britney is getting her career back on track (we hope).</p><p>We're ready for a proper comeback. You can do it, girl!!!</p>

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