Mayor Dave Bronconnier had a smile on his face yesterday as he expressed an overall positive reaction to the Tory government’s federal budget.

Though he would have liked to see money go to find more police officers, he said, “Overall, given some of the unknowns, it’s very positive news towards infrastructure upgrades.”

He said they are “all good initiatives,” and was happy to hear that money was made available for recreation upgrades, which he said could translate to just less than $20 million in Calgary, all of which will be put to good use.

“It will help kick-start some of those recreational projects where the community based groups are still looking for funding from the provincial government as well as the city,” he said.

Alberta’s finance minister believes the federal budget has made has made some strides in helping the pro­vince weather through an economic drought, but admitted she’s still looking through the details for fairness.

“Overall, (it’s) good news,” said Finance Minister Iris Evans in a media scrum yesterday.

“When you have infrastructure funding and transportation funding that puts people to work, and here in Alberta we’ve got some roads that can use that … Definitely, that’s a help.”