MAZATLAN, Mexico - The brother of a Canadian woman found badly beaten inside a Mexican hotel is defending the woman's husband, saying he's concerned that a statement from Mexican officials could be misinterpreted.

In an emailed statement Wednesday, Paul Giles described Sheila and Andrew Nabb as a "loving couple," and he stated the Andrew Nabb is "innocent of any form of abuse."

Giles said he felt compelled to say something about Andrew Nabb because Mexican authorities had earlier issued a statement in Spanish that could be translated to suggest the attack on Sheila Nabb was the result of "domestic violence."

Giles says a press release from the Sinaloa state government actually refers to "internal violence," meaning the attack happened inside Mexico.


"Andrew was initially questioned by authorities immediately after this tragic event and was soon after released when it became apparent that he was innocent of any form of abuse," Giles said in the email.

"Anyone who has ever met Andrew will immediately disregard any and all accusations against him. They are the most loving couple that I know, and anyone that knows them would agree."

The 37-year-old woman was on vacation with her husband early Saturday when she was found badly beaten and bleeding inside an elevator at the five-star, Mazatlan hotel where the couple was staying.

Family members say Andrew Nabb didn't realize his wife had been taken to hospital until he woke up that morning.

On Monday, the Calgary woman's family said she had emerged from a medically induced coma and recognized her husband at her bedside.

Robert Prosser, Sheila Nabb's uncle, has said she will require extensive surgery in the coming days to repair severe facial injuries. She is expected to make a full recovery.

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