Chemical Brothers


Album: We Are The Night


Label: Freestyle Dust/EMI

Release Date: July 3

*** (out of five)

The Chemical Brothers appear to have gone on a musical diet of sorts, weighing in with sleek new album We Are The Night.

The Brothers’ big chunky beats have been trimmed down, replaced with a more low-phat mix of brisk techno and nimble synthesizers. Still, the Brothers showcase their deft skill at fusing an array of electronic textures; this time pursuing a techno vibe that transcends the constraints of any dance-club anthem.

While a track like Do It Again offers a pseudo-Sexyback charm, soaring electronica rides Das Spiegel and Burst Generator exemplify how Night’s craftsmanship can pique your interest — but remain somewhat light on impact. Truth be told, these Chemical sounds may be better suited for headphone surroundings than a fist-pumpin’ dance floor.

Los Campesinos!

Album: Sticking Fingers Into Sockets

Label: Arts & Crafts

Release Date: July 3

*** (out of five)

The Arts & Crafts label has become a sort of club house for Stars, Broken Social Scene and their members’ numerous side projects. So the addition of some freshman blood into the incestuous roster is a healthy development.

Enter Los Campesinos!, seven ultra perky youngsters from Cardiff in dire need of some Ritalin. Their new six-track EP is a rush of hyper-active party pop, that mixes darling vocals with brass, guitar for a rich collective sound.

You! Me! Dancing! and Don’t Tell Me To Do The Math(s) are the standout singles on the CD. Both tunes vibrate with a bubbly energy this band seems to have in abundance. This is Broken Social Scene’s younger, more fun, distant cousin, from Wales.