Chris Brown is taking anger management lessons, alleges.

The Run It singer, who allegedly beat up his girlfriend Rihanna earlier this month, has reportedly been advised the classes will help him when he appears in court on suspicion of making criminal threats next month, the website reports.

A source said: “Chris doesn’t actually have to go by law, but he believes it will make him look better to the public, and he wants to try to get in a few classes before his court date on March 5.”

Brown — who recently released a statement saying he was “sorry and saddened over what transpired” — is believed to have attended his first class in California on Monday.

It has also been claimed 21-year-old Rihanna has a bad temper and the pair had several heated arguments before the incident in Brown’s car on Feb. 7, the website also alleges.

The source added to the New York Daily News newspaper: “Rihanna is temperamental, too. They’re both too hot-headed for their own good.

“It didn’t help that Rihanna grabbed the keys out of his rented Lamborghini and threw them down the street. She knew it would really infuriate Chris, and it worked.”

It is believed the Barbados-born beauty will be required to appear at her estranged lover’s court trial, forcing the pair to see each other for the first time since Chris was arrested.

The source explained: “Rihanna will be there, she has to testify. If Chris is convicted, it would be his first offence. He won’t go to prison.”

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