Bruce Jenner

The Los Angeles Times reports that there is no evidence to support that the paparazzi were responsible for Saturday's fatal four car collision.

The Times also reports that police will be investigate Jenner's phone records, as well as everyone else involved in the accidnet, for any indication that phones were used prior to the collison.

Driving while texting is illegal under California law. A fatal accident caused by texting can lead to the driver being charged with manslaughter.

The accident left five people injured and one woman dead.

PREVIOUSLY: Bruce Jenner, former decathlon campion and reality TV star, was involved in a three-car accident in Southern California on Saturday, which led to one person's death.


Early reports could not verify whether Jenner was the driver or not in the accident, which ended with three cars wrecked and one person dead at an intersection of the Pacific Coast Highway.

It is not yet clear whether Jenner was injured in the crash.

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