Illinois governor Bruce Rauner drinks chocolate milk to illustrate workplace diversity

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Bruce Rauner drinks chocolate milk for diversity
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Illinois Republican governor Bruce Rauner drank chocolate milk to illustrate his dedication and commitment to diversity in the workplace at large corporations. 


The moment was captured earlier this week. Gov. Bruce Rauner and Tyronne Stoudemire, Hyatt Hotels' vice president of global diversity, participated in a presentation about diversity in the workplace during a special event centered around Black History Month, according to the Chicago Tribune.


The idea behind chocolate milk representing diversity came from Stoudemire.


According to Stoudemire, the glass that was given to Rauner represents corporate America and fortune 500 companies. As he began to fill Rauner’s glass with milk he said the milk represents most of corporate America’s top executives, saying that they are mostly made of white people. He then picked up a bottle of chocolate syrup.


“This chocolate syrup represents diversity,” Stoudemire said as he showed the audience members the bottle of Hershey’s chocolate syrup. “Women, people of color, people with disabilities, the aging population, Generation X, Y and Z."

Bruce Rauner

To further illustrate Stoudemire’s unique take on explaining workplace diversity, he poured the syrup into the glass of milk and it sank to the bottom. “When you look at most organizations, diversity sits at the bottom," he said.

At this point, it appeared that everyone knew where Stoudemire’s example was heading and Gov. Rauner knew it too as he began to grin.

“You don’t get inclusion until you actually stir it up,” Stoudemire said. He hands over a spoon to Gov. Rauner and tells him to stir it. “Inclusion makes the mix work,” he added.

Rauner, showing his advocacy for diversity in the workplace, casts a smile as big as the Prairie State before taking a gulp of the now diversified chocolaty drink.

“It’s really, really good,” he said. “Diversity!”

According to the Chicago Tribune, Stoudemire has been using chocolate milk example to illustrate the lack of diversity in top corporations for 16 years. Stoudemire said the governor “didn’t know what he was getting into” during the chocolate milk demonstration.

Let’s all hope Governor Rauner isn’t lactose intolerant or one of the rare people with a distaste for anything chocolate. 

Watch Gov. Bruce Rauner drink chocolate milk for diversity

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