Crooner takes shots at organization, then issues ‘clarification’



Luca bruno/Associated Press


Vancouver’s Michael Buble expects to lose to Tony Bennett at Grammy’s next week.

Grammy nominee Michael Buble said he wanted nothing to do with next week’s awards ceremony in Los Angeles. When the press jumped all over it, he issued a ‘clarification.’

The Vancouver-based crooner is angry that his category will not be presented during the live TV broadcast.

“They give away our best traditional pop award at a dinner before the Grammys, so I just think that’s bullshit. I think it’s absolute crap,” Buble, 31, said in an interview yesterday.

“Our category is now selling way too many records to be given away at a dinner before, so I’m just not going to show up.”

Buble, who’s up against his idol Tony Bennett as well as Sarah McLachlan, Bette Midler and Smokey Robinson, says he doesn’t expect to win anyway.

“Why should I go to the Grammys?” he said. “Because I’ll lose. ... They might as well have already scratched Tony Bennett’s name into the damn thing. I’m not going.”

Most of the 100-plus Grammy Awards are presented during an afternoon ceremony before the Feb. 11 televised gala.

Buble is up for best traditional pop vocal album for Caught In The Act. Bennett is nominated in the category for Duets: An American Classic. Ironically, Buble is on Bennett’s album, singing Just In Time.

“I’m on that record that I’m going to lose to, and it’ll be the second year in a row that I’ve lost. I’m not going to go.”

However, last night Buble released the following statement through his record label Reprise Records:

“I did indeed make my feelings known that the category should be broadcast live during the award ceremony. This category honours the interpreters of some of the greatest songs ever written. There are millions of people like me who love and respect this music.

“I jokingly said that Tony Bennett is going to win anyway so why should I go? This is not sour grapes. I worship, love and respect Tony Bennett. He is my idol. I voted for him and he deserves to win.

“I mean no offense to the Grammy Awards, The Grammy nominees or the NARAS organization.”

Earlier this month Buble attended the Golden Globes in Beverly Hills, Calif., with his girlfriend Emily Blunt, who won a supporting actress trophy at the event. He said he mostly stood on the sidelines during the red carpet arrivals talking to Canadian journalists he knows.

“When she won the thing, I was outside having a cigarette,” he said.

So what will he do instead of attending the Grammys?

“I’m going to stay home and watch the (Vancouver) Canucks,” said Buble, who lives in Vancouver with Blunt — although a check of the Canucks schedule indicates the team is not playing on Grammy night.

Hanging out in private and away from the spotlight is more their style anyway, said Buble, who has been with The Devil Wears Prada co-star for a year and a half.