There's a common perception that newspapers are dying at the hands of the internet and the cellphone.

Yet newly-released figures about the readership of the Metro newspapers in the United States show that the doom-mongers have got it badly wrong.

While America's big paid-for newspapers are struggling badly, Metro, the number 1 free daily in the country, goes from strength to strength.

The latest readership survey, conducted by Scarborough Research, shows that Metro is the most read newspaper among employed adults aged 18-49 who work or live in Manhattan, Boston Proper and Philadelphia City Center.


The figures also show increases for Metro US in all three cities in which the paper is published. Metro US readership increased by 16% year over year to an all-time record of 1.3 million daily readers and 2.5 million weekly readers in three of the top media markets in the United States.

Metro launched in Philadelphia in 1999, debuted in Boston in 2001, followed by the New York edition in 2004. Despite industry-wide declines in advertising and readership, Metro continues to gain momentum.

So what's behind Metro's success?

We distribute our papers at the most relevant times and places -- we put the papers into the hands of mobile, on-the-go readers who are a highly desirable target market for the advertisers who partner with Metro.

Only Metro has the sheer editorial power -- we are part of a global network of 100 newspapers -- to persuade superstars such as Lady Gaga, Sir Richard Branson or Karl Lagerfeld to become our Guest Editor in Chief for the day.

And we provide creative, thoughtful, value-for-money solutions to advertiser, old and new.

"These smashing results further prove the success of Metro's free daily newspaper model. What was once an implausible idea is now the future of newspaper publishing" said Yggers Mortensen, Metro US Publisher and CEO.

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