Although Calgary police have offered $2 million in savings to the city, council voted yesterday to request an additional $2 million from the police service.

During the meeting, Ald. Gian-Carlo Carra said as a $300 million organization, finding more money shouldn’t be a huge undertaking.

“It’s not that I’m against policing ... it’s about we all have to work together as a multi-faceted organization to solve a lot of challenges that we’re all facing,” he said.

Calgary Police Commission chair Mike Shaikh said he’s disappointed by council’s decision.

“We already have done line-by-line checking this thing,” said Shaikh.

“We’ve been asked to do this thing; we’ll comply with the request.”

Shaikh said because the majority of the police budget is salaries, there’s only $39 million to look for cuts.

Ald. John Mar said he doesn’t anticipate the police will be able to meet the request.

“I don’t foresee $2 million,” he said.

“Could there be $100,000 or something of that nature? Yes.”

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