New services and features from, American Airlines, JetBlue, Google and TripAdvisor honoured with Extra Mile Awards from Budget Travel magazine. The magazine gives the awards for developments that make travel “easier, more enjoyable and more affordable.” The winners for 2009 are:, for new features like search sharing, a real-time map of available airfare and an iPhone app.

• New York City, for new public spaces like making Times Square car-free and turning an abandoned railway into a walkway called the High Line.

• Apple, for equipping the 3GS iPhone with a built-in applications store for anything you might need on the road.

• American Airlines, for the One-Way Flex Awards loyalty program, which helps occasional travellers earn rewards.

• JetBlue, for offering amenities at the gate, like the Re:Vive bar kiosks at JFK airport.

• Intrepid Travel, for carbon-offsetting all of its itineraries by early 2010.

• Google, for offering the Street View mapping feature for theme parks and trails.

• Delta, for bringing back customer service in style with Red Coats, agents dedicated to troubleshooting at a number of airports.