In Japanese, ’Bu’ means warrior, ‘do’ is way and ‘kon’ means spirit. With Budokon, Cameron Shayne has not only created one of the hottest workouts — Jennifer Aniston is his poster girl — but a way of life.


“Budokon teaches you to become aware of the fact that the way you do anything in life is the way you do everything. It encourages people to do an inventory of their lives and choose to be masterful across every endeavour,” he says.


“Being true to yourself and knowing what your body needs is important. Most people are fit but unhealthy as they are putting the wrong types of fuel into their body.”


Budokon also encourages clean nutrition. A diet based on seeds, fruit and vegetables, lean meats and healthy fats (avocado and nuts) is essential for enhancing performance.

“You are what you eat,” explains Shayne.

Physically, Budokon is a fluid and organic way of returning the body to its natural, instinctive and fit state of mind.

The Fusion
Budokon is unique in that it combines three different practices to teach re-balancing the body.
Budokon is the ying and yang of workouts rolled into one: feminine yoga moves are fused with the more masculine motions of martial art. Strung together as a sequence, the rhythmic breathing of yoga and the quickness of the martial arts resemble a dance.

“You need to have the flexibility to transition between positions, and this requires you to be strong, dynamic and in possession of your body,” explains Shayne. “Budokon is a system. People who attain the highest level are not only master yogis, but black belt martial artists. From yoga they will learn to be guarded and assertive in their moves. From martial arts they will learn speed, strength and power.”

A 90-minute class begins and ends with five minutes of mediation.

“Some moves require you to observe your breath and your body in motion simultaneously and meditation plays a large part in achieving that,” Shayne says.