The best way to build power for inline skating or rollerblading is plyometrics, or jump-based exercises, according to the Ottawa Inline Skating Club. These help prepare the body for sprints and maintain balance.

Box or bench jumps can be done forward or sideways. They strengthen the muscles required to push off while skating, and help stabilize the legs and core. You can use a step, bench or milk crate.

Box jumps

1. Stand facing a step, one or two feet away from it. (The higher the step, the harder the workout.)

2. Jump onto the step. Try to keep your feet together.

3. Step down and repeat as many times as possible for 30 seconds. This is one set.

4. Rest 30 seconds to one minute. Do two to three more sets.

Note: You can also jump sideways onto the step; devote equal time to each side.