Rob Ford says it’s time to call a ceasefire in Toronto’s “war on cars” by building subways and scrapping streetcar lines — some of the old downtown routes, as well as the new Transit City light rail into the suburbs.

The frontrunner in the mayor’s race claims his transportation plan, which promises faster trips for motorists and transit riders, won’t cost residents another cent in taxes or tolls.

It relies primarily on raising $1 billion from private developers along subway lines and re­- negotiating the $3.7 billion Queen’s Park has committed to Transit City.

But critics say Ford’s not taking into account the heavy penalties, into hundreds of millions of dollars, the city would pay if it cancelled its TTC contracts for new streetcars and the wasted dollars for the design and engineering of new Transit City lines.

Ontario Transportation Minister Kathleen Wynne says she will work with any mayor Torontonians elect. But “anything that would slow us down is a problem,” she said.

“I do not believe we can afford to delay the building of new transit in this city. We’ve got a plan, we’re moving forward on it. I’m determined not to be stalled.” Ford wants to build a 10-station extension to the Sheppard subway for $4 billion, taking it Scarborough Town Centre.

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