Photographs worth more than a thousand words are being featured in a new exhibition at the Calgary Chinese Cultural Centre as part of the Chinatown 100th anniversary celebrations.

Builders and Patriots II: A History of Calgary’s Chinatown, presented by the Sien Lok Society of Calgary, focuses on the history of Chinatown from its very beginnings.

Chie Ho saw the original exhibit, Builders and Patriots: Portraits of Chinese Canadians, and can’t wait to see the sequel, which aims to inspire, educate and celebrate the history of local immigrants.

“It’s beautiful and educational. I would encourage people of all races to attend,” she said.

Categories include a history of important buildings, businesses, organizations and associations. Photographs of notable events, residents and the personal stories of individuals and families are also featured.

The exhibition will be shown at the Calgary Cultural Centre until October 31, 2010.

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