Backyard sandboxes are an easy and inexpensive way to provide hours of fun and creativity for kids.

Building a sandbox is just one of many projects landscape contractor Ahmed Hassan has completed for his show Yard Crashers.

In each episode, he goes home with an unsuspecting home improvement store shopper to transform their backyard.

The Perfect Spot

Before you build anything, decide on the location and size of your sandbox. Consider the amount of shade for children playing, line of sight for adults watching, and drainage in your yard. Once the position has been determined, dig a three-inch deep square hole in the area.

Build the Box

Use four pieces of 2x6 untreated or non-toxic treatment wood in the length that will fit your location. Ensure that the natural curve of each board faces inwards to prevent warping. Attach the pieces with nails or screws, putting them in place at three points from top to bottom along each edge.

Use garden tarp or weed-blocking tarp — not plastic tarp — to cover the bottom of the box. This will allow for drainage and prevent muddiness in the sandbox. Simply lay it over the bottom of the box you have built and staple from one side to the other. Flip it over and place in the hole you have dug.

Fill the box with “play sand,” available in most home improvement stores. This is a natural product that is fine in texture and most commonly used in sandboxes.

Protect the Box

Sandboxes must be covered when not in use to prevent any foreign objects from getting inside. This is especially important in neighbourhoods where local animals may decide to use it as a litter box.

To do this, simply obtain a sheet of pressure-treated plywood matching the dimensions of your box, and drill two holes six inches apart on both sides. String marine-grade rope through these holes to create handles for easy movement.

Place it overtop to protect the sandbox. Your sandbox is now complete and ready for fun!

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