The first thing Linda Cusmano plans to do after competing in the National Fitness and Figure body building competition on Saturday is to go to Dairy Queen.

Cusmano, a fitness instructor and body builder, is on a strict diet to keep her body at six per cent body fat, and said she’s going to feel like a prisoner getting out of jail after the competition ends.

“Being Italian, food is a big deal,” said Cusmano, who hasn’t had carbs or sweets in months. “I’m overworked, over-trained and I’m aching. I’m done.”

In June, Cusmano competed in the B.C. provincial body building competition, where she placed second.

On Saturday, she’ll be up against competitors from across Canada for the national competition at the Massey Theatre in New Westminster.

“Every time I feel sorry for myself I realize the other girls are going through it, too, and they’re going to try to edge you out,” Cusmano said. “They’re hungry — they want what I want.”

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