Hundreds of people were forced from their homes yesterday after an electrical surge caused light bulbs, appliances and electronics to explode throughout a southwest apartment complex.

Harold Gorgensen heard several loud pops in his Mayfair Place apartment and woke to find his electronics smoking.

“They are destroyed. This is so frustrating because we’re not allowed back in, I have to lug my three cats around and I can’t get my work clothes so I can’t work tomorrow,” he said last night.

Apartment resident Bill, who wished to withhold his last name, was concerned he wasn’t allowed back in the apartment for his medication as of 5 p.m.

“They didn’t even ask me my age, which I thought was weird. I was having some troubles breathing and the ambulance checked me out.

“But I had to order new medication,” he said.

About 300 people made it out safely from the building as fire crews searched each apartment complex for fires and damage, fire spokesperson Brian McAsey said.

“(Today) is the earliest we could get them in here but we’re possibly looking at a few days or more before they can return,” he said.

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