CANMORE, Alta. - A website is urging tourists to boycott a scenic community near Banff National Park if it doesn't back off plans to destroy its feral rabbits.


Canmore is expected to begin trapping some of its burgeoning bunny population next week.


Mayor Ron Casey says the Alberta town has no choice because the rabbits attract predators looking for an easy meal.


The Canmore Resident Plan website calls on musicians, dancers, sports teams and businesses planning events in Canmore to go elsewhere starting Dec. 1.


There's no spokesperson listed on the website, and the group Save Canmore Bunnies says it has nothing to do with it.


That group is still looking for donations to sterilize the rabbits and place them in a sanctuary.

Spokeswoman Susan Vickery says some bunnies may need to be captured and killed before the public begins to open pocketbooks.