Alex Loomans, Burlington, Ont.



vinca talotta/torstar news service

Ryan Taylor, Burlington, Ont.

Carlos Osorio/torstar news service

Andrew Stetson, Burlington, Ont.

So what is it with Burlington that it seems to be producing male models at a faster than average rate?

Ryan Taylor, Andrew Stetson and Alex Loomans all hail from the city of 150,000. Taylor walked 36 runway shows this fall 2007 season, Stetson has a stellar fragrance contract with Calvin Klein, and Loomans stars in the current Ralph Lauren campaign.

“Burlington has some really cool looking kids,” says Norwayne Anderson of NAM models. “They have this fresh, clean, all-American look.

“And I find that kids who live close to a city, just on the outskirts, aren’t corrupted by the city where you’re always running here and there. In suburbia, the kids are more chilled and rested. In the city, every night is a party and if you’re partying every night, you’re going to look drained. You are not going to look young and bright and vibrant any more.”