Mayoral candidate Craig Burrows has suspended his campaign and after meeting with volunteers and supporters, has decided to support Ric McIver for mayor.

"I've known Ric for 9 years as an alderman and I believe he is the right candidate to be our next Mayor. This is not the time for on-the-job training," says Craig Burrows.

On the question for suspending their campaign, Burrows states, "I put my name forward to help build a safe, vibrant, affordable, & sustainable city. Our campaign was the campaign of ideas. I am flattered by the feedback from Calgarians and the other mayoral candidates."


Burrows' 100 Communities in 100 Days RV will end its journey Friday at 6711 Macleod Tr. SW and will meet Ric McIver at 11 a.m. to publicly endorse his campaign for mayor.

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