Alice in Wonderland will feature scenes in 3-D — because it no longer gives the director a headache, reports.

Filmmaker Tim Burton says he is embracing the technology because he thinks it perfectly suits the surreal world the film — which stars Anne Hathaway and Johnny Depp — is set in.

He said: “I like the 3-D aspect of it, I think it fits the material very well, and it doesn’t give me a headache like it used to.

“I think it’s good for anything. There are other uses than having spears stuck into your face — I think there are more visceral, emotional uses, especially if you use lots of textures.”

The Sweeney Todd director also admits he is unsure how much of the movie will feature Computer Generation Imagery (CGI) because he is still uncertain of his final vision of the film.

He added to Empire Online: “I’m not quite sure about CGI yet — doing a big budget movie is an organic process and gives the opportunity to experiment.”