Door to door service is not something usually offered by Calgary Transit, but yesterday morning it became a reality.
No one was seriously injured when a milk truck collided with a bus, which then ended up on a SW home’s step.
“I thought I was going to die,” said John-Michael Mackey, 16, one of the passengers on the Number 7 south bus. He received cuts on his arm from being thrown from his seat into broken glass.
Mackey was on his way to the local convenience store to pick up supplies for a school project. He was among the five passengers and driver on the bus.
Police said the milk truck blew through a yield sign, striking the bus and sending both vehicles skidding toward the home.
“I usually always look twice, this time I don’t remember looking twice,” said Thomas Housser, the driver of the truck that was headed to St. James School when the collision occurred.
“I was just jolted off my seat,” said Housser.
He was uninjured but quite shaken from the accident.
Police continue to investigate.

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