A Calgary school bus driver has been charged with traffic offences including driving carelessly after a collision last week that sent 36 children to hospital with minor injuries.

Police say 38-year-old Krista Donovan crossed the centre line trying to pass a minivan when the collision occurred, according to Sgt. Graeme Ramsay of the Calgary police traffic unit.

“The collision has occurred when she went into the opposing traffic lane to pass a vehicle that's turning left. Bottom line is, you can't do that when you are driving a vehicle,” Ramsay said.

Police also charged the 33-year-old driver of the minivan involved in the collision with driving with a learner's permit without proper supervision by a qualified person as she was the lone occupant in her vehicle.

“They create laws to prevent collisions but prevention starts with change in driver’s attitude. It doesn’t matter how many tickets I give out.”

Donovan also faces charges of driving left of centre lane and operating a commercial vehicle that had not been inspected under daily trip inspection requirements, though police don’t believe there were any mechanical failures.

The collision sent the school bus into a large spruce tree at the side of a home and sent all of the school children to the hospital.

Ramsay said the school bus company doesn’t face any charges in relation to the incident. First Student Canada didn’t return calls for comment.

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