Discounted bus passes should depend on income, not age, a city alderman says.

Ward 9 Ald. Joe Ceci proposed the idea as Calgary Transit considers the possibility of reducing some service because of a provincial funding shortfall of $2.3 million.

“It’s just an idea, but we could keep those on the low-income senior passes now the same, but in the future look at charging new seniors the adult fare price unless they are low-income,” Ceci said.

Low-income seniors would then pay the current adult low-income price of about $42.50 a month, he added.

“It’s just about getting everyone in line. Some seniors had a good retirement and can afford to pay the monthly fees but right now are paying the discounted price.”

Seniors currently pay $35 a year for a transit pass and low-income seniors pay just $15 a year.

Ceci’s idea would potentially see seniors that are not low-income pay the full cost.

Calgary Transit spokesperson Teresa Keddy said they have not looked into increasing senior fares.

“If anything was to change for senior passes, it would have to go to city council and we would follow their direction, but it’s not something we have talked about,” she said.

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