Residents in Glenora say the approval of a rapid bus line in their community will drive short-cutting motorists into their quiet neighbourhood and force city council to consider costly traffic-calming measures for the area.

The plan includes adding an extra transit-only lane to Stony Plain Road between 149 St. and 142 St. once a study is concluded by transportation planners.

Resident Lorne Zalasky says drivers will more than likely do what they can to avoid traffic congestion by accessing 107 Ave. through residential streets.


“This will impact the community,” said Zalasky who calls the city council decision disappointing.

“Their consultants already said that one-third of the traffic would be diverted into 107 Ave. once Stony Plain is converted.

“That means the community will need to find tools to prevent short-cutting since we already know that people who will get stuck in traffic will look for a way out.”

The approved plan will include seeing a new express bus route that would link Lewis Estates in the city’s west end to the downtown core that cuts through Glenora along Stony Plain Road and 104 Ave.

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