Wading through knee-high banks of snow to board a bus is not ideal, but it’s what some transit customers have come to expect as normal.

Jeremy Adam, who takes Route 2 from Mount Pleasant to the downtown daily, said that he sees many people finding creative ways to dodge the snow bank created by snowploughs along the sidewalk.

“You (jump) on top of the snow bank and get into the bus,” he said, adding that by the time he gets to the stop enough people have been there to create a well-packed path through the snow.
“The bus tries to stop by the pathway.”

Tasha Cloutier also takes transit frequently and says it’s beyond frustrating.

“Going to work, dressed in good dress pants and attire and having to climb through muddy, salt-ridden, 50-foot snow banks is unfair,” she said.

“It’s more of an issue of poor snow management in Calgary,” Adam said.

Kelsey Strachan with the roads department said there have been 2,000 truckloads cleared of the 52 cm that fell in December.

“We’re working on removing the remainder of that snow,” she said, adding that bus routes are priority.

Ron Collins of Calgary Transit said crews are doing their best to clear pathway areas to ease boarding for their customers.

“We are going to everything we can to make it easier for our customers,” Collins said.

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