A discount airline says its business as usual until the Sydney Airport Authority tells it otherwise.

Sunwing Airlines continues to advertise Sydney as one of its Canadian destinations and the company is still selling tickets on its website for the seasonal service that is slated to begin from the Sydney airport in June.

The chief executive officer of the Sydney Airport Authority told the Cape Breton Post Tuesday that Sunwing is no longer welcome to fly into Sydney due to the addition of a new seasonal service offered by WestJet.


Larry MacPherson said Sunwing didn’t notify the airport of its plans to return. Instead, the airport agreed to a deal with WestJet that will see a Boeing 737 fly non-stop to Toronto three times a week, beginning May 5. It will have a capacity of 105 to 120 passengers.

“It marks a strange set of circumstances when an airport, under the auspices of the general manager or chairman of the board, saying who can and cannot come into a market,” said Bob Sime, Sunwing’s general manager for Atlantic Canada.

He said in the case of the Canadian destinations serviced by Sunwing, its flight capacity is in “high demand” for the upcoming summer tourism season.

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