Stan Jeong huddled with customers at the back of his restaurant when he learned that a mob of violent G20 protesters was headed his way leaving a trail of destruction through Toronto’s downtown core.

Smash! Someone threw a bottle at the restaurant’s front window.

“We didn’t close it. We were famous for (being open) 24/7,” said Jeong, general manager at the Fran’s location at Yonge and College streets near where the violent protest ended.

“Even after that (bottle) incident we just kept open.”

When Jeong emerged from his restaurant he saw vandalized Tim Hortons, Starbucks and Winners — all major chains, which anarchists target as enemies.

But Jeong said he couldn’t understand why the small splinter group of thugs who broke away from a larger, peaceful ­anti-G20 demonstration would want to harm his restaurant, one of just two Fran’s eateries in Toronto.

Jeong said he believes the federal government should pony up at least the estimated $1,000 in repair costs to his front window, and perhaps compensate for the loss of nearly half his usual business.