Business travellers earn their vacations

If you’re a small business owner who travels often, make sure your business travel credit card is working as hard as you are.


Everybody’s working for the weekend — or even better, the week-off. If you’re a small business owner who travels often, make sure your business travel credit card is working as hard as you are. With the right credit card, the trips that you have to take, can help you accumulate points for the trips you want to take.


According to a recent poll by TD Canada Trust, two-thirds of Canadians can use the travel points they accumulate on business travel for personal use. Here are some tips on how to make the most of your credit card rewards program:


Accumulating points:
Use your business travel credit card for as many business expenses as possible. It may seem simple, but the only way to accumulate points on your card is by using it. By using your card for most business expenses on a trip, you can avoid travelling with a lot of cash and you will earn more points with each trip.


Look for ways to double up. Some travel cards offer ways to accumulate double or triple the rewards. For instance, with a TD Business Travel Visa Card, you earn triple the rewards when you book travel on your credit card through the TD Travel Rewards Centre.

Redeeming points:
You’ve earned your vacation time and your travel points, so there shouldn’t be limitations on how you use them. Research your travel card to make sure it gives you the flexibility to redeem your travel points for any travel, not just hotel accommodations and flights, but even room service, car rentals, airport parking and even taxes. When you get a chance to travel for leisure — it should be on your own terms, not someone else’s.

Lost Baggage:
You’ve probably learned to prepare for lost baggage by packing the essentials in your carry-on. But, if your checked baggage is lost it can still be a hassle to replace the items. Your business travel credit card should insure baggage. For instance, the TD Canada Trust Business Travel Visa will reimburse you up to $1,000 if your baggage is lost or delayed by more than six hours. This includes the cost to replace essential items purchased before baggage is returned to you.

If you’ve had a rough day of delayed flights, you don’t want to worry about a hotel giving away your room because you were late checking-in. Choose a credit card that allows you to request a guaranteed reservation assuring that a room will be held even if you arrive late, until checkout time the following day.

Lost or Stolen Wallet:
Losing your wallet or important documents is a hassle at the worst of times, but when you’re travelling it can be extremely unnerving. Your business travel credit card should have a 24-hour service available that can help you with a cash advance, provide you with a replacement credit card immediately, and help you locate your nearest embassy.

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