The green-carpeted 700 block of Granville Street will be transformed into busker central Friday night, as street performers will play music, dance, and provide entertainment from 7 p.m. until midnight.

The concert is part of a summer series sponsored by the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association (DVBIA) with the aim of showcasing some of Vancouver’s best freelance entertainers.

“I’m super excited that the city and DVBIA are putting initiative into supporting local talent,” said busker Spandy Andy Reimer, who has been entertaining fans for years with his dance routine and affinity for colourful close-fitting garments.

“(This arrangement) is a big turning point for busking in Vancouver,” he said, adding that the DVBIA will pay him and his compatriots $50 in addition to any donations they receive from the public. In return, he believes local businesses will benefit from the increased crowds.

Designated zones have been established for busking along Granville Street downtown throughout the summer.

It could get loud
This Friday will mark the first time buskers are allowed to use sound amplifiers late into the night.

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