Businesses operating out of the Electra Building are scrambling to keep up with work after being locked out of the building — and their offices — because of an ongoing hazmat incident.

Staff at Go To Productions, which is working on a TV show that airs its first episode on Shaw on Friday, is producing the program from their iPhones at a Starbucks down the street.

“Our business is in the basement and we can’t access any of our files,” said Ross Huguet. “We have 15 employees and no one can work.”

Armida McDougall owns a suite in the Electra and is worried that chemicals may have permeated the walls and fabrics.

“It’s a question of what it’s done to the building,” McDougall said. “I’m in real estate. How will I ever sell anything in there again?”

Oliver, who didn’t want his last name printed, is a resident of the building and said he thought the evacuation is “a bunch of smoke” and that there’s probably nothing to be concerned about.

“Vancouver is paranoid about health issues ... and sometimes it just disrupts peoples’ lives.”