The Olympic motto — Faster, Higher, Stronger — took on a new meaning Thursday as Vancouver police carted out a drug haul that shows that local dealers are also getting into the Olympic spirit.

Police displayed 107,000 tablets of ecstasy worth more than $1 million.

About a third of the pills, coloured orange and green, were stamped with the Olympic rings.

“We are pretty sure that is not the intended spirit of the Olympics,” said Insp. Brad Desmarais, who heads the department’s gangs and drugs section.

“I would imagine because the Olympics are coming up, the traffickers thought it might be fun to put the Olympics on the pills.”

Other tablets, coloured blue and yellow, were imprinted with the peace sign.

Desmarais said the haul was one of the top-five largest ecstasy busts in the city’s history.

The pills were seized Wednesday following a home invasion at a house in East Vancouver.

A 911 call on Wednesday morning brought police to a house in the 4300 block of Nanaimo Street. The front door was kicked in. Police entered and arrested two men.

Police found the pills — as well as two chunks of cocaine worth about $17,000 that they say was recently shaved from a brick — as they swept the house for possible victims.

The two men were released on several conditions, including not being allowed to attend nightclubs or raves.

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